Yoga, is originated from the Sanskrit word that means ’listen’. Yoga aims to transform body and mind through mental, physical and spiritual practice. Yoga has different benefits, especially for pregnant women. Some of the benefits are: Body Knowledge, Mood moderation, Posture perfection and Moral support.

There are different types of Yoga which help in improving the diseases like: High Blood pressure, Asthma, Diabetes etc. Yoga also has tremendous health benefits for pregnant women. Many ‘Health & Fitness’ centres provide Yoga classes especially for pregnant ladies to support them and for relaxing their health and mind while pregnancy. The most important elements which are required in Yoga are breathing and concentration. If pregnant women practice Yoga with full attention to these two vital elements then they are sure to get immense health benefits. Check out some of the benefits offered by Yoga during pregnancy:

Mind-Set and Pregnancy: As said above, Yoga is just an art of breathing. It gives relaxation to the mind and body. During the initial few months of pregnancy the lady feels some hormonal changes in her body which would be very new to her. To accept the sudden changes and to get rid of the mental distractions the only way is Yoga.

  • Basically meditation is one of the major parts of Yoga. It helps in the development of a favourable mind-set.
  • Breathe control during yoga helps to provide more and more oxygen to the baby in the womb.
  • It gives mental relaxation and stress free mood which plays an important role for the proper growth of the baby in the womb. Due to mood swings of pregnant ladies the baby inside the womb sometimes suffers from problems. But, proper practise of Yoga can treat that all.


Normal Childbirth: By practicing Yoga before pregnancy and while being pregnant the chances of natural childbirth can be maximized. The Yoga poses help the muscles of the pregnant lady more reflexive.

  • More and more Yoga practices for pregnant lady have huge benefits with physically as well as mentally.
  • They experience peace and solace in their mind and their soul. Yoga helps in developing reproductive system for natural childbirth.

Minimal pain: Giving birth to a child is as good as giving second birth to themselves. Only through the excessive practice of Yoga one can minimize the pain while giving birth. Many cases are encountered where due to lack of Yoga practices, women either fight with the unbearable pain or they fail to give normal birth to their babies. As such it is always recommended by the Doctors to start practicing Yoga from the initial stage of pregnancy.

  • Bidalasana also known as Cat posture is very effective while pregnancy. It minimizes the pressure in the lower back.
  • Through Yoga, an expecting mother can develop sufficient space in the womb for the movement of a baby.

Post-delivery Benefits: Soon after a successful childbirth, there are yet a few things to be taken care for the new mom. Post-delivery yoga gives mental and physical benefits to the new mother. Hypertension, Fatigue, Dehydration etc. are the common health issues noticed just after the childbirth. After delivering a baby a new mother should start practicing Yoga after six to seven weeks for getting more benefits after delivering.

  • It helps to maintain a proper body shape. It also helps in maintaining proper body weight.
  • It strengthens the reproductive system and also the abdominal muscles.
  • Practicing yoga after giving birth to a child gives you mental relaxation and happiness.

Yogasanas, as they are called are boon for aged people and pregnant ladies. Set your mind to give some extra time for maintaining your ‘Health & Fitness’ during pregnancy because giving birth to a child is like a rebirth to a mother. In order to get the best health benefits during the pregnancy any women in UK can take up the EHIC card services, who are providing health insurance services for European people. If you are an expecting mother then apply for this service online and get the maximum benefit during the most crucial period of your life.