Wine and Beer Recommendation Services – Drink the Best Wineries Have To Offer

For ages, wine had always been a part of church ceremonies or banquets of emperors and kings. Today, wine is used by millions on daily basis. Going to a dinner party with a wine bottle is a part of sensualist ritual.

At the restaurant, the waiter brings extensive wine menu with shocking rates. You desire to impress your girlfriend, but the list is phenomenal and you are confused. You might have questions like – Which wine to select that goes well with your Chateaubriand beef? Will Cabernet Sauvignon go well with the meat or fish? What to select with the dessert, etc.

The sommelier at the restaurant guides you to the best glass that received 92 score from a celebrity with a comment – ‘affluent and sophisticated with every next sip getting better and better’.

With its high score and glowing description, it should have certainly been a hit, but it was not. Even if the score was high and the sommelier suggested it, you and your partner did not like it. What went wrong?

Everyone has their own style and taste, so there should be a way to find suitable wine recommendations services that help customers without causing any confusion.

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Get the Right Drink Everywhere

Fortunately, with digital technology in your hands you can get instant solution to your confusion. It does not matter, if you are shopping or at a restaurant, your cell phones allow you to access information about the best beers & wines. Wine tasting apps operate on all the platforms – iOS, Android and Windows. The beverages suggested by the app are the common ones available at the restaurants.

How Wine & Beer Testing Works?

Technology used in this regards is a combination of two disciplines – science and application technology.

Science – Skilled scientists and expert lab technicians determine the DNA of each beer & wine available in the USA market using scientific processes. These procedures let you glance at the molecular level of beverages.

Thus, the unique qualities of every bottle are uncovered. The lab tech creates the wine’s overall satisfaction profile. In this way, a revolutionary Genome Cellar is developed and maintained.

Application – As soon as the DNA of the beverage is determined, the application that holds an extensive database of DNA profiles are connected to businesses and customers. Blending both scientific and software technology you get an exceptional beer & wine suggestions.

The software gives the vineyard and breweries an opportunity to compete equivalently. Scientific approach removes the bias views and offers merchants, distributors, restaurants, bars and end-users (customers) with impartial, intended, fact-based suggestions and analytics.

Benefits to Small and Large Wineries

Small wineries will receive wide exposure for their products and the established ones will develop more with broader audience. Every kind of brewery will gain from the same database used by merchants and restaurants for purchasing.

Thus, winery owners can target those areas, where their products are in demand and even determine their prices by comparing it with the rates of beverages with same taste.

An ideal wine glass is suggested by matching your preferred bottles with the software integrated Genome cellar (database of more than 25000 bottles). You get the true quality of the beverage without any flowery and differing expert opinion.