Why You Shouldn’t Use Anything But Olive Oil in Cooking

Olive oil is a super food. You probably already know that you can use it in cooking; but did you know that you should use anything else? There are vegetable, sunflower, and seed oils; but these are nowhere near as beneficial as olive oil. Want to learn more about this wonder oil and why you should use it every day? Read on:

The Benefits of Using Olive Oil in Cooking

  • It reduces inflammation – olive oil has properties that are said to reduce inflammation. Due to this, your risk of cancer, especially breast cancer, is reduced.
  • It lowers your risk of heart disease – olive oil lowers your cholesterol, which in turn reduces your risk of heart disease.
  • It’s rich in antioxidants – our bodies need antioxidants to stay healthy and flush out toxins. Olive oil has plenty!
  • It can reduce obesity – although olive oil contains lots of calories, it can help to reduce obesity as it makes meals much more satisfying.
  • It can keep your bones healthy – your bones are kept healthy by olive oil, so your risk of osteoporosis is reduced. This is a condition where your bones become weak and brittle, so it’s important you take the steps to look after them.
  • It contains the healthiest fat – the healthiest fats for the body are monounsaturated fatty acids. These are great for health, and olive oil includes them.

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Heating Olive Oil: The Myth

As you can see, olive oil has many health benefits. More health benefits than any other oil, in fact. You can lower your risk of cancers, heart disease, strokes, Alzheimer’s and more. You may have heard people tell you the complete opposite to this. Some people believe that when heated, olive oil loses it’s benefits and can even be bad for us. This is just a stupid rumour, possibly created by the other oil companies to encourage consumers to buy their product.

When heating olive oil, there is no sacrifice of nutrients providing you don’t heat it to it’s smoking point. Olive oil can withstand heat very well, so don’t listen to anybody that tells you it becomes bad for you when heated. It can actually be heated highly until it reaches its smoking point.

What Kind of Olive Oil to Use

The kind of olive oil to use may be down to your own personal preferences. You can buy virgin, extra virgin, regular olive oil, and infused oils. In general, extra virgin olive oil is nice with salad and fish. This is because it isn’t too heavy, and the flavours of your food will not be overpowered.

You can afford to use a heavier olive oil with dishes such as beef or pasta, so that you can still taste the flavours of the oil in the dish. You can find all different kinds of all on sites like http://www.elolivo-olive-oil.com, for example.

Now you should realise why olive oil is the best cooking aid that we can possibly use. You can even use it for everyday things, such as make up removal and fixing squeaky doors.

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