Why Beans are Great for Your Health

We’ve been using beans as a crucial ingredient in many recipes for years, and they continue to be a fantastic nutritional benefit. There are all sorts of beans out there, but some are particularly beneficial to our health. Some beans can even limit your chances of suffering from diseases such as lung disease and cancer. Here are a selection of beans with health benefits.


Sometimes referred to as garbanzo beans, chickpeas are a source of protein and fiber. They are low-fat, and some studies have even suggested they reduce the risk of heart disease. Other benefits that they bring include improved bone health, blood pressure, and cholesterol. Of course, they’re full of vitamins and minerals as well. You can use them to make dishes like hummus, soups, and curries.

Black Beans

These beans are packed full of vitamins, protein, iron and more. They are a low-calorie, low-fat snack that can be incorporated in burritos, salads and other meals. As well as being very good for your health, black beans are a particularly filling food. In some cases, black beans appear to reduce the chances of heart disease. It’s even believed that they may be able to prevent some types of cancer. They also contain an ingredient that has been shown to boost brain power!

Kidney Beans

Kidney beans include dietary fiber, which is perfect if you’re trying to maintain a healthy weight. It also ensures your digestive system works correctly. Presoaked kidney beans are easier to digest, and they’re often found in different soups. You must ensure you cook kidney beans properly, as there are risks to your health if you don’t. Kidney bean poisoning often leads to diarrhea and vomiting, or even hospitalization.

Pinto Beans

You’ll normally find pinto beans in baked beans and some chillis, and they are incredibly nutritious. They have plenty of vitamins and minerals, including iron and potassium. They are also rich in fiber and protein, making them one of the most healthy options out there. They assist in preventing heart disease, and they’re a great food for people who suffer from diabetes as well.


Lentils are particularly useful as they cook quickly and can be used for all sorts of different meals. They are high in protein as well as fiber. In addition to lowering cholesterol, lentils also improve digestive health and increase energy. If you’re trying to lose weight, lentils are a great choice as they are low in calories but make you feel full after you’ve eaten them. You’ll normally use them in salads or soups, but there are plenty of recipes out there if you want to get more creative with them.

There are all sorts of beans out there that are packed with nutritional benefits. We’ve only mentioned a few examples today, but you should take the time to learn more about beans and their benefits. Aside from the nutritional values, beans are a tasty addition to many meals. Get out to the shops and start enjoying the health benefits of these great foods!