White Wine Drinking Experience

If you are a wine newbie, it is a very good idea to start out testing white wine as opposed to red wine first. The main reason for this is that white wine is generally lighter and easier on the palate as opposed to red wine. If you are interested in learning about the very basics of white wine drinking, here are some really useful tips that will ensure that you get the best possible experience when drinking this light and sumptuous drink that is loved all over the world.


This is the optimum temperature for drinking white wine. While it is okay to drink white wine at room temperature, it is not really recommendable since white wine achieves its best flavour when it is at cooler temperatures. Chilling the wine helps it retain its natural sweetness and fruitiness, thus ensuring a more pleasant drinking experience for you.

Chill, not freeze.

Keep in mind that white wine is supposed to be chilled and not frozen. You want to chill white wine to ensure a gradual and uniform cooling that will help lock in all of its flavours better. However, keep in mind that you should not store white wine inside your refrigerator for long periods of time as this may ruin the wine’s flavour. This is because the low temperature of the refrigerator can cause the cork to shrink and allow air and other flavours to permeate the wine itself, thus altering its flavour.

Buy it Young.

When choosing to purchase white wine, you want to ensure that you buy one that has been concocted fairly recently. You also want to make sure that any white wine that you buy should be consumed within 2 years. This is because generally speaking, white wine does not age as well as its other counterparts. While some white wines do keep and age well, it would be better for you (as a beginner) to drink younger selections to ensure that you get the freshest white wine possible. If you want to try out older white wines, you will want to visit specialty shops as aged white wines require proper handling and storage to really age well. For this, you may want to buy white wine online in NZ at Advantage.

Know the Difference.

Lastly, when buying white wine, you should keep in mind that white wine comes in two general varieties: those that have been matured in wooden oak barrels and those which have not been matured in wooden oak barrels. The main difference is that white wines which have been aged in wooden oak barrels have more complex and weightier flavours. While they are not as rich as red wines typically are, these types of white wine are rich enough to be paired with heavier meals such as those composed of game and fowls. On the other hand, white wines not aged in oak barrels are much lighter and crisper, thus making them more suited to lighter meals as well as appetizers or hors d’oeuvres.