Which Are The Best Condoms To Buy?

It’s a tough decision. There are just too many brands and too many varieties within each brand. So, which is best?

Here, we explain what it is that you need to know so as to select the best condom for both you and your partner.

Finding the Best Condom for Your Needs

We’ve all been there – or at least many of us have. You have a date this coming weekend and you need to find a suitable condom. It’s your first time with this girl, so although you really like her, you still need to be sure there are no sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) that are going to pounce onto your unit. Plus, you certainly don’t wish to take the risk of any unwanted pregnancies.

So, you’re in the pharmacy and staring at the shelf in front of you wondering. How is it possible to choose from so many? After all, it’s just my “thing” and not a rocket ship. Why then do I need supra sonic, spring action, chrome plated space age polymer, ribbed or dotted, flared or tapered, silicone lubed, or super flavored?

It’s a total confusion, so rather than asking for help, which could prove a little embarrassing, you select the closest box to you, pay for them, while the checkout girl smiles at you in a strange way, and run out of the pharmacy.

When you get home, carrying on with your due diligence, you slip a condom from the box and try to slip it on. What would you know? The dam thing is too tight!

What next? A re-visit to the pharmacy? Not likely!

So, let’s, at this point, make a few assessments that should prove helpful to you the next time you’re intent on finding what the right condom is for you.

Store vs Online Shopping

Yes, you can stand in the store and read through the box labels trying to determine which is right for you. However, it would be a whole lot easier to go online and read up, wouldn’t it?

No rush. No checkout lady smiling. Just take your time.

What’s even better is that some online stores will give you an extra few condoms simply because you shopped with them.


This is very important. Allergic to latex? Select non-latex such as polyurethane or polyisoprene. And if you are not sure about your partner, it may be wise just to go for non-latex anyhow.

To Suit your Needs

Here it gets a little tricky. So, here we have listed a few pointers for you to think over.

  • Are your intentions on pleasing her? Or is this all about you? There are numerous condoms that are manufactured for her pleasure. There are others for mutual pleasure. And then there are others still that are directed entirely at your own pleasure, such as those that are textured on the innards.
  • Brand: There are so many brands of condoms on the market, and each comes with their own claims. Irrespective you opt for a branded or non-branded condom, they are all FDA approved in the U.S., so you’re perfectly safe either way. If you’re penny-pinching, go for the non-branded alternative.
  • Style: Again, just so many to choose from. Here’s a breakdown of styles to set you right.
  1. Sensitive or Thin: They provide more satisfaction for you as the wearer.
  2. Stronger: Can mean thicker but not necessarily.
  3. Textured: Nice for many ladies as it generally improves sensation for them.
  4. Flavored: Off to the races with some oral sex? Opt for flavored condoms.
  5. Colored: If you want glow-in-the-dark then go for those. Very many colors now available to choose from.
  6. Non-lubed: Good for oral sex.
  7. Desensitizing: These work to delay the man’s climax. If you’re a bit of a short sprinter, you’ll benefit from these.
  8. Shape: More of a novelty factor but if you find fun from shapes, there are many to choose from.
  9. Natural condoms: There are now “green” alternatives on the market.

A few Words of Warning

You’ve made your choice and you’re ready to rock and roll. There are a few things that should be remembered so you’re entirely safe between the sheets.

  • Condoms don’t take to heat, so don’t store them in your wallet or in the glovebox. And never be tempted to use them if they are past their expiration date.
  • Using latex? Avoid the use of oil-based lubricants like baby oil, skin lotions, cold cream, or Vaseline. These work to weaken the latex. So use water-based lubricants instead.