Warwickshire Catering Options – Why Not Choose a Hog Roast?

If you are getting married in Warwickshire the chances are you could be spending a lot on your wedding, with the venue, hire car, ceremony, cake and everything else considered. With the increasing costs in planning a wedding one of the areas where you might be able to save money but have something a bit special could be the catering.

Organising a hog roast is quite straight forward and a lot more budget friendly than people might think. Often you will hire a professional caterer that specialises in hog roasts to attend your wedding, if you (or your wedding planner) are feeling adventurous you may decide to have a go yourself. The great thing about hog roasts is that they save you money and feed a lot of people, these can come with salads, sides, canopies and anything you want at your wedding.

If You Choose To Do a Hog Roast Yourself

It isn’t really advisable to do your own unless you have some experience with that type of cooking. If your a good hand at roast dinners and have cooked large meat before then it could be the right path to go down. The advantage of preparing it yourself is that not only will you save some money but you can also choose the flavourings that go with the meat. This can include cider or other liquids that can infuse the taste of the meat. You can cook this in a special oven which you can hire from a local company and prepare it overnight, the important thing to know is how often to turn it, so if you do hire one make sure you ask the company you hire it from all of the questions.

Hiring a Hog Roast Catering Service

Instead of having to worry about preparing the food – and also serving it (as this requires constant work to slice the hog into pieces for each portion) you can hire a company to sort this out for you. In Warwickshire there is a new hog roast caterer – the roasting pig in Warwickshire are great for hog roasts no matter how big or small your wedding. It is recommended that this would be the best route to go for since it is all taken care of.

These hog roast specialists will also be uniformed chiefs that will look the part at your wedding and they will also bring all the equipment, a tent and everything else thats needed to fit in with your day. Anyone who provides a catering service you should also be wary of food hygine, only accept a company that has a great rating in food hygine.