The Essential Guide to Hosting a Birthday Meal

Image by Jorge Sanz

When it comes to hosting a birthday event, you could find it super stressful. If you are planning a meal for yourself, you might worry about who will show up and whether they will care about your big day. Forget about all that. You can’t control what people do, but you can make sure that you plan an excellent meal. Your birthday is your chance to celebrate with the people that you love. That means that you get a chance to have everything your way for once. When you are planning the details of your meal, think about what you would like and forget trying to please everyone else.

Have Appetizers

When people turn up to your meal, they likely will not have eaten all day. When people are attending dinner parties, they tend to starve themselves all day in preparation for the meal. That means that everyone will be super hungry from the moment they step through the door. The best thing, you can do, is ensure that there are loads of little appetizers people can snack on while they are waiting for the meal. It is proper dinner party etiquette to have a few drinks before you sit down for the main meal. If everyone is starving during this part of your meal, it will ruin the atmosphere.

Design the Menu

When you are deciding what you want to have on your menu, remember to keep things simple. Trying things that are super exotic might sound fun, but most people will not like it. You want your guests to enjoy their food at your party, and so you should stick to some classic recipes. Choose a style of cuisine that you like to eat. For example, Japanese and Thai food is a huge trend right now. Look for simple recipes that will please everybody. You should choose a few different options so that your guests have a choice of dishes.

Hire Caterers

When it is your birthday, the last thing, you want to do, is spend the entire day cooking for all your friends. If you wish to ensure that you enjoy your meal as much as everybody else, you need to hire some caterers. Your birthday is the one time a year when you can afford to splash out and treat yourself. Hire the best private chefs in NYC so that you can be sure your meal will be fabulous. When you are hiring caterers, it is important to book them far in advance.

Choose a Theme

The first thing, you need to do, is pick a theme for your meal. You might want to keep things simple and ask people to dress formally. There are many different ideas from which you could choose. You could do a fancy dress party or a theme around the year of your birth. Whatever you choose, make sure that it is what you want. People love the chance to dress up and so they will adore your party.

Choose the Right Wine

Choosing the right wine to go with your meal is essential to your dinner party. When your guests sit down, you need to ensure that the wine is flowing so that everyone has a great time at your meal. Your caterers might be able to suggest some wines to suit each dish. If they don’t do that, you should do some research on pairing wine with different meals. You can find loads of information online that will help you out. Remember, you need at least one fine red wine, one white, and a dessert wine. If you have those three types of wine, your party will be a blast.