The Downsides of Healthy Eating

When you get into a health kick, you find that you are preparing a lot more food yourself. This is great. You know exactly what is in it. You have cooked it in a way that preserves a much of its nutritional value as possible. And you know for sure the kitchen was sanitary when it was prepared. But the trouble with preparing the food yourself is it takes time. It also takes motivation to invest that time and energy. You may find it costs you more money than microwaveable ready meals and worst of all… it makes your house stink!

So do the benefits of healthy eating really outweigh all these cons? Of course they do! Healthy hearts, healthy weight, and nutrient rich diets are exactly what everyone needs. Investing your good time, money and energy into a happy, healthy life is more than worth it. As for the stench… well, there are a few things you could try to reduce this particular problem!

Fresh foods in the fridge are rarely wrapped as well as prepared foods from the supermarket. This is part of the problem. Some foods could be packed in individual plastic containers. Often fresh foods don’t respond well to this excess packaging though. Vegetables that have been cooked, often smell worse than raw vegetables, so try to keep these in sealable containers. For really stinky fridges, you may want to try an air purifying bag to help remove the odors.


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When you cook, especially with onions, the aromas from the pan can quickly fill the entire room. Cook with the extractor fan on and the windows open, and shut the door to the room to help reduce smells dissipating all over the house. The aromas of cooking are wonderful for initiating a good appetite. The trouble is, when they are a few hours post dinner, they don’t smell nearly as appetizing. Coming into the house from outside makes the odors far more noticeable.

There are some great room sprays on the market that remove the odors and leave behind a fresher smell. Carpets and curtains tend to help smells cling and hang around. Hard floor coverings and blinds may be the preferred choice if you like to cook. Change your soft furnishings for leather couches that can be wiped clean with fresh scents. Your clothing may also harbor the aromas of cooking, so be sure to pack dirty clothes in a lidded hamper at the end of the day.

Cleaning wipes with fresh scents should be used at every stage of cooking to keep surfaces bacteria free and clean smelling. Keep ovens and hobs clean to avoid those dreadful burning smells from last night’s spills. Some people like to leave steaming bowls of lemon water around the house during or just after cooking. Fingers benefit from a cooler version of this if you are eating finger foods. It helps remove grease from your skin and odors from under your nails. If you do cook each day, you may need to repaint your kitchen walls once a year to keep them fresh.