The Best Neighborhoods in St Louis for Dining

If you’re in Missouri, Saint Louis is one of the best places to go for incredible food. You’ll find an enormous range of cuisines to choose from in the city, from Italian and German to Thai and Chinese. Whether you want fast food or fine dining, a burger or a healthy salad, you’ll find it among the eclectic culinary scene of Saint Louis. In each of the city’s neighborhoods, you can discover culture, history, friendly people and, of course, plenty of food. But some communities and areas are better for foodies than others. When you next visit Saint Louis, check out these destinations for food from around the world.


Soulard is one of the best-known neighborhoods in St Louis. It’s recognized for its fun atmosphere, architecture, and nightlife. There are bars, music venues and restaurants in Soulard that people frequent when they want to have as much fun as they can. Some of the most successful restaurants are within walking distance of people’s homes. Local people love to be catered to, so they want easily accessible foods. You’ll find BBQ, like Bogart’s Smokehouse, pizza joints like Epic Pizza & Subs, and French bistro food from Franco. Of course, there’s plenty of international flavor in places like Mexican Chava’s and Irish McGurk’s pub. To get a picture of the entire neighborhood’s cuisine, visit when they hold their Taste of Soulard event.

South Grand

If you’re looking for diversity, you can find it on St Louis’ South Grand Corridor. This area, consisting of six blocks, has food from an incredible thirteen different nations. There’s a lot to choose from, so if you can’t make a decision, you should turn up when they host their annual Dine Around in May. The event allows people to buy a ticket for a flat fee (around $30) so they can sample dishes from the different establishments. You can eat at restaurants serving cuisine from the Philippines, Brazil, Morocco, Italy, Thailand, Iran, Lebanon, Japan, and more. And, of course, you can find some traditional American fare too, which adds a fourteenth nation to the collection. Try Italian at Mangia Italiano, Persian at Cafe Natasha, or stick with American at City Diner.

Benton Park

Benton Park isn’t far from Soulard, but it offers a number of quieter, quainter places to eat. Between the cute historical homes, you’ll still find the diversity that you can find in restaurants all over the city. One of the city’s most favored dining establishments is the Sidney Street Cafe, which serves a contemporary American menu. If you prefer your food fried, head to Hodak’s Restaurant and Bar for chicken, fish, and more. But be prepared to queue. Go the Riverbend Restaurant for traditional Creole, or The Mud House for a coffeehouse menu. But for something more exotic, go to Yemanja Brasil for Brazilian cuisine.

There are many restaurants and other eateries to explore in St Louis. Although these neighborhoods have some of the best places to go, there’s much more to discover across the city.

Photo by Roger