The Best Meats to Cook on Your BBQ Pit

So summer has finally come around and you’re all geared up to welcome the warmth of the new season with your chef’s apron and smoking chips. While anyone can throw random marinated meat on the pit and make it taste good with a generous helping of BBQ sauce, the aspiring BBQ chef would want to aim to impress, as well as to feed his (or her) family and friends. The truth of the matter is that not all meat is created equal, and some meats simply cook better on the BBQ pit.

When it comes to BBQ, nothing says premium meat like barbecue beef. Brisket in particular is especially delicious when you know how to prepare the high quality, well-cut meat. The good news is that even those with a low budget can create mouth-watering barbecue beef as long as it is untrimmed.

On the other hand, those intending to present their BBQ dish at cooking competitions should opt for free range, prime grade untrimmed brisket instead. Regardless of whichever type of meat you choose, the important thing is to leave it untrimmed as that will allow the fat to melt into the meat once you throw it on the BBQ pit.

A close second to the brisket would be grilling barbecue chicken which is both easy on the wallet and pleasing to the taste buds. Some say that the mark of a great BBQ chef is one who is capable of producing BBQ chicken meat that is juicy and succulent, as opposed to being either dried out, burnt to a black crisp, or both.

All you need to do is to always brine your chicken prior to barbecuing in order to retain the flavour and juice of the meat and regardless of whether you’re in a hurry or not, the art of barbecuing chicken cannot be rushed. Always keep your fire low or you might risk over cooking the exterior of your chicken. These two tips are all that you need to differentiate yourself from the amateur BBQ cooks.

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