In recent years, people’s obsession with weight has led to a boom in the diet pill industry, supported by both those who want an ideal figure, and those who simply want to be healthier. There are hundreds of types of pills, all offering the hope of substantial weight loss with minimum effort.

While advances in science have broadened the possibilities, exploration of natural fat burners has taken the diet pill industry by storm. One such phenom is green coffee extract.

Helped significantly by an endorsement from Dr. Oz, pill makers have turned to this extract in order to boost the efficacy of their weight loss supplements naturally.


What makes it Effective?

The name green coffee refers to the beans of the Coffea plant in an unprocessed state. After being cleaned, these beans are roasted and ground to be brewed for coffee.

Green coffee beans have received no such treatment, so the heating process has left many beneficial enzymes and acids intact. Green coffee extract contains hundreds of thousands of components that may make it effective for weight loss, but there are two that stick out from the rest.

  • Caffeine – Though its exact benefits are debated, caffeine has been championed by some as a weight loss solution. There are two main benefits from caffeine that make it appear effective. The first is increasing thermogenesis: your body’s natural production of heat. Caffeine is believed to stimulate this process, making your body burn more energy and causing you to lose more fat. The second is appetite suppression. Caffeine has also been shown to decrease appetite, making it a popular ingredient in weight-loss supplements.
  • Chlorogenic acid – Chlorogenic acid is one of the main components of green coffee extract. Studies have shown that it’s an inhibitor of glucose-6-phosphatase, an enzyme which is directly involved with the production of sugars in the liver. This may be why coffee consumption is linked to a decreased risk of diabetes, and also the true source of coffee’s weight loss powers. However, brewed coffee is a poor source, since the roasting process removes a significant portion of the enzyme. Purchasing a supplement that contains green coffee extract will provide you with more of the benefits of chlorogenic acid.

The effective ingredients in green coffee extract can also be referred to as svetol or GCA. If the label of your supplement does not explicitly claim that it contains one of those ingredients, it will more than likely be ineffective.

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Supplements with Green Coffee Extract

Since its popularity began to rise, many supplements containing green coffee extract have appeared on the market. Many drug stores have begun to carry green coffee capsules at reduced rates.

However, some of these are less pure or simply have a lesser amount of the effective ingredients. These green coffee supplements contain 50% chlorogenic acid and 800mg svetol per pill. The label for the all-natural pill also boasts pharmaceutical-grade ingredients and a certificate of analysis, to ensure that you get the best quality of green coffee extract.