Shopping Tips for Olive Oil from California

For the first time buyers of olive oil, it is a challenge not to get duped by all those nice packaging and promises on the labels. But whether you are buying it from a local store, or online, there are some things that one should know about olive oil, especially when it concerns shopping for fresh olive oil from California. Without some major hands on knowledge about this oil, it is hard for most buyers to get confused and end up buying inferior quality oil. So is there a shopping guide out there for buying olive oil from California? Thankfully some guidance is available.

How to Find the Best Olive Oil from California?

As a starter, just find out a little about the olives that are harvested in California and what kinds goes in making fresh olive oil from California. Often learning about the fruit, its characteristics also helps in identifying the California olive oil that one is trying to buy.

  • Move on to check for whether the label says it is cold pressed or not. Some might differ here but it is a common belief that cold pressed olive oil is the best one available. Cold pressed means that no heat was used in the manufacturing process which makes it one of the defectless olive oil varieties. Plus, the olive from California extracted this way will have no trace of chemicals as well.
  • Do not judge the olive oil by the color as yellow or green color has nothing to do with the quality of the olive oil. Olive oil darker in color does not mean that it is of a high quality. Often olive oil manufacturers try to take advantage of this common misbelief among consumers and add crushed leaves to the olive oil for a darker color.
  • It is better to opt for olive oil from California when it comes in a dark colored glass bottle. The darl color saves it from exposure to sunlight and heat and gives it a longer shelf life.

Though these are some basic tips, the actual shopping tip for California olive oil is the taste test. If possible test your California olive oil and then you will know the big difference.

How to Go About Tasting Olive Oil?

There are some steps to find out fresh olive oil rom California. They are as follows:

  • Take a small amount of olive oil into a small glass, warm it with your hands and no external heat. This livens the aroma and also magnifies the flavors to a great extent.
  • Put a small amount of olive oil in your mouth. Now, there is a definite way to taste it. You have to make short sucking sounds along the lower jaw line toward the back of the mouth.
  • Next, close your mouth and breathe out of your nose thus allowing the nasal cavity to process it.
  • Just keep and swallow that much you can to understand the pungency in the throat. The rest can be spitted out.
  • If the olive oil leaves a waxy residue in the mouth or if your mouth dries out, then this is a sign of rancidity.
  • Cleanse the palate with water or green apple slices.

So, the best taster for olive oil from California can only be you. Talk it out with those who have been using it for years to get a hold of how California Olive Oil actually is or else try and find some information online. If that does not suffice, be your own host.