Perfect White Wine and Food Matches

If you are a real gourmet and exquisite connoisseur of good quality food, or just enjoy tasty food, you probably know that with the right choice of wine to go with your meal you will reach the perfection of taste. A glass of wine with your meal makes the taste of your food fuller and richer and guarantees pleasure for your palate. It is well known ever since the Roman period that there are perfect combinations of certain food with certain sorts of wine. So some sorts of wine are just supposed to be consumed with certain sorts of food and that is called wine pairing. There are some rules here that should be followed for the full and complete enjoyment.

Best Wine Pairing Rules and Examples

If you want to throw a dinner party with an elegant note and leave a good impression on your guests, or have a romantic dinner and swipe your chosen one off of his or her feet, you should definitely make the right choice of wine to go with the food you serve. In this way you will leave an impression of a sophisticated and cultured person. Now here are some examples of just the right and successful combinations of food and wine. These are rules in gastronomy and some advice you should definitely embrace. For example you should serve white wine, preferably from oak barrels, without that metallic quality with certain sorts of sea fish, for example salmon or sablefish which should be smoked or grilled and served with lemon or lime squeezed on it. It is best to serve wines with lower alcohol quality, Rieslings for example, with hot and spicy food. Various kinds of sweet white wine are excellent in combination with hot and spicy food because this sweetness counters the spiciness. Red wine should be matched with rich red meats, because tannin in these wines and red meat are a perfect match. For example you could serve a Cabernet Sauvignon with duck or lamb meat or some paned sausages.

Perfect White Wine Pairing

White wines are somewhat lighter in taste than red wines, so according to the matching principle of complementarity they should be served with lighter food and meals that do not contain so much fat. For example if we have a lighter meat like chicken, we should serve a white wine with it. Bubbly white wine or champagne is a perfect match for salty foods, a suggestion are salty bread sticks covered with sesame seeds with this sorts of wine. The combination is surprisingly tasty. Chardonnay, a smooth and light white wine could for example be served with fish, preferably sea fish like salmon and any kind of sea food in a light herbal sauce, fresh rosemary for example. Rieslings are best served with dishes that have a combination of sweet and spicy flavors. It would go perfectly with spicy Indian or Mexican dishes. Some sorts of white wine go perfectly with deserts that contain fruit, because it makes that fruity taste more intensive.

Next time you decide to serve white wine with food, remember these combinations, prepare them and enjoy!