Inventive Twists to Classic Cocktails

If you ever go to a place like Regent Cocktail Club, a crowd-favorite for a cocktail lounge in Atlanta, you will be looking forward to a carefully-curated cocktail list. Some might prefer the classics while others would want to become more inventive. If you belong to the latter, read the rest of this post and we will let you know some of the best ways to spice up traditional favorites for a cocktail drink.

Bloody Mary

When it comes to the best brunch cocktails, Bloody Mary is often on the top of the list. This tomato-based cocktail has a sour and spicy flavor. Aside from tomato, it also has a shot of Tabasco or Worcestershire sauce. If you want to reinvent the classic Bloody Mary, you can add miso instead of any of the two sauces earlier mentioned, giving the drink a Japanese kick. If you want to give it a Caribbean twist, on the other hand, you can add pineapple juice and coconut water.


If you want tequila but you want to last longer, order a glass of margarita instead of a straight shot. Traditionally, a margarita is made of a combination of tequila, lime juice, and orange liqueur. If you find this boring, one thing that you can do is use ginger in the rim as an alternative to salt and to add grapefruit juice in the mix. If you want it to be not as strong, use pineapple juice. Adding strawberry and jalapeno can also prove to be great.

Gin and Tonic

For something that is easy to prepare and relatable to most drinkers, a glass of G&T will make an excellent drink of choice. For a more creative gin and tonic, you can infuse it with a number of ingredients that will add more flavor. Tonic has a distinct bitter taste, which can be balanced by adding something that is fruity or sweet. Cucumber, cranberry, blackberry, thyme, strawberry, and black pepper are some of the ingredients that you can add depending on the flavor profile that you expect to come out of it.


There are three main ingredients that will make the classic Negroni – gin, vermouth rosso, and Campari. It is also garnished with an orange peel. It has bitter and sweet flavors. For some, this is not an easy to drink cocktail. With this, you can give it a twist by mixing it with sweeter juices. Coffee and champagne will be good ways to give it a kick.


Gin and vermouth are two of the main components of a martini. If you want to make it more exciting, you can make a drink that is popularly known as a vesper, which uses both vodka and gin. A sherry can also be used as a substitute for vermouth if you want it to be easier to drink.

Whether you are ordering a cocktail at your favorite rooftop bar in Atlanta or making one in the comfort of your own home, take note of the things that have been mentioned above for an inventive drink that takes classic favorites to a new level!