How to Turn Your Love of Food Into Money!

Regular readers know that we’re obsessed with great food. We love nothing more than exploring new cuisines, and trying new taste palettes. We’ve travelled the circumference of the globe in pursuit of wonderful food. If you’re reading this blog, we’ve got a hunch that you love it as much as we do! Now, just imagine you could make a living from that love of food. Imagine if you could turn your passion into a career. Sounds great, doesn’t it? Here’s the good news: it’s easier than you think! The food industry is enormous, and there are plenty of ways to find a niche job that suits you. Here are just a few great ideas.

Start a Catering Business

This is one for those who love cooking and creating food. If you spend all your time in the kitchen, experimenting with new recipes, you could make a small fortune in catering. It’s even better if you’ve had experience cooking for a big family! All you need is a few good contacts to land your first small job. Why not ask your friends if you can cater their next party, or approach a local business to cater their next event? As you grow larger, you’ll slowly invest more and more in the business. Before you know it, you’ll have your own kitchen, complete with a vacuum packaging machine and industrial equipment! You’ll be catering weddings, and huge events in no time.

Food Blogger

Speaking from experience, there is money to be made on the internet. All you need is a passion, a way with words, and an audience. Take it from me, there’s a big audience out there looking for food blogs! In fact, some foodie bloggers have created huge businesses from their site. The healthy food blogs are a particularly profitable niche. Even if you don’t make money directly (it does take time), it’s a stepping stone to bigger writing gigs. You could even create your own recipe book!

Restaurant Critic

If you fancy yourself as something of an expert when it comes to fine dining, you could make your name in the critic’s circle. In fact, it’s a natural progression for some food bloggers. Once you’ve built up a portfolio of good writing clips, start approaching the local newspapers as a writer. They might just commission you to review the new restaurant in town. From there, it’s just a few steps up to the national papers, and some of the finest food in the world.

Train as a Chef

If you’re looking for a more hands-on role in the restaurant industry, why not train as a chef? It gives you the opportunity to work with some of the best ingredients in the world. You’ll spend most of your waking hours in a kitchen, creating fine food and delicious meals. It’s a great way to entertain your love of food, and keep honing and improving your skills. Who know, perhaps one day you will even open your own restaurant!

The food industry is huge, and bursting with opportunities. Use your imagination, and find the perfect way to make money from your passion.

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