How to Make Kim Chi

If there is a popular side dish that originated from Korea, it would be kim chi.  It is a staple food that you can always see on Korean tables.  This food has a spicy and tangy taste.  This food goes well in different kinds of course foods like fried rice, steak, and even noodles. Whatever kind of foods that you are going to eat, eating it with kim chi will add a zesty kick to it. If you want to make a kim chi, you can follow these simple steps on How to make a Kimchi.

Here are the things that you will need:

. Large mixing bowl

. crispy and sweet cabbage

. salt

. red pepper powder

. green onions

. ginger

. minced garlic

. flour starch

Here are the steps in making kim chi;

Prepare the cabbage

. Slice the cabbage to bite size pieces.

. Place the sliced cabbage in a large bowl.

. Put some salt in the cabbage pieces.

. Add water, just enough to soak the cabbages. The cabbages must be well seasoned with salt.

. Leave the cabbage for an hour or two.

Prepare the seasoning

. Prepare 1 cup of water and add 1 spoonful of flour.

. Boil water in small pan.  Stir it until it becomes dense.

. Slice the green onions to small bite size pieces.

. Add some water and fichu sauce to red pepper in a bowl to create a richer taste.

. Leave the mixture for ten minutes to blend.

. Add the ginger, spicy garlic salt and the sugar.

. Add the flour that you boiled and mix it until it becomes thick.

Putting everything together

. Rinse the cabbage that you put aside with cold water.  Doing this will wash away impurities and some left over salt.

. Mix the cabbage and the sauce mixture together gently.

. Lastly, put the green onions and mix the following well.

You have to make sure that you are only using quality ingredients.  Making kim chi involves fermentation, but it doesn’t mean that the ingredients are not important. When you use fresh spices on making your kim chi you will surely have a tastier and more robust kimchi.

There are many ways that you can use kim chi to add flavor to your foods and make them more appetizing.  Most people add them to ramen noodles.  Another popular way to use kimchi is to add them on fried rice.  You can always adjust the ingredients for your kim chi to suit your taste.  Kim chi is a versatile food that you can tailor to appease your palette.

Making kim chi is a process that originated many years ago.  There are already variations that exist from Korea and all over the world.  You can find many different kinds of them in the Kim chio museum of Korea.

You can use kim chi in different kinds of courses like kim chi jjigae or kim chi stew.  It is a course where you will put the kim chi with pork belly, sesame oil, chili powder, green onions, garlic soy sauce and salt and pepper.  This dish is served as a main or side dish. This stew recipe will always be able to add flavor to any kinds of meal.

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