Operating a business in the 21st century is very difficult, because there is so much competition for customers. Now more than ever, businesses are competing with each other; much of this competition takes place over the Internet, but it also occurs in person. You have to make sure that you are doing something to set yourself apart from your competition. What are you doing that is going to differentiate you from your competitors? Well, one way for a catering business to set itself apart would be to offer bar services. For weddings especially, bar services are well regarded by customers who are looking for a caterer. It is not absolutely essential for a caterer to offer bar services, but those services could help set you apart from others.

Expand Catering Business

So, how do you expand into the bar services field without breaking the bank? As with any business, you have to consider how much you’ll have to spend and balance that against how much extra money you intend to make. Finding a supplier that can sell you everything you need at a low price is an important piece of the puzzle that makes it much easier to decide to expand your services. A low-cost supplier can greatly reduce the amount of overhead you have to pay, which will make it much more likely you’ll become profitable very quickly. If you buy your bar supplies wholesale, you can get them for a very affordable price. Here is what you should be looking for.

bar supplies wholesale

The Little Things

Obviously, you’ll need to buy glasses for your business. You’ll need beer glasses, beer steins, wine glasses, champagne flutes, and tumblers. There are a few more kinds of glasses that it would be nice for you to have, but they’re not essential for just getting your new business venture off the ground. For example, you probably don’t need brandy snifters; you can simply pour a brandy drink into a tumbler. It is unlikely that a customer will be upset over the difference. However, there are some small items that lesser suppliers sometimes don’t offer and they can be easily forgotten. Some of these things are absolutely essential to running a successful business; these are things like cocktail spoons, muddlers, jiggers, and ice moulds.

The Little Things

You need these small but important details to be able to make drinks properly.

Pub Games

So, as stated earlier, setting yourself apart from other caterers is absolutely essential to running your business successfully. Pub games are a surprisingly great way to set yourself apart; many caterers who do offer drinks don’t offer the different experiences one might find at a pub. These games are incredibly popular around the world, and it is safe to assume that if someone is deciding which caterer to hire, they’ll hire the one who offers the most services. What is most important to you is finding a supplier that includes pub games so you don’t have to search through several different suppliers.

Catering Pub

When you are looking to expand your catering business, you should look for a catering supplier who offers you bar supplies as well.