How a Balanced Diet Can Be The Building Blocks of a Healthy Body

We all know that a balanced diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle. We know that we’re meant to have a mix that includes at least a little of everything for full body health. However, what does that mean in reality? What parts of our diet do what? In this article, we’re going to look at it from a different perspective. We’re going to look at how the different parts of what make your health benefit from different things.


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Muscle Growth

One that will most likely have immediate concern for people on a health kick is muscle growth. Lifting heavier weights isn’t all you need to build the muscle mass we all need to stay healthy. You’re going to need to have enough matter to convert as well as the means to convert this. A lot of you will know that this immediately means protein. There are lots of protein rich sources from red meat and fish to certain nuts. Getting carbs is also important, however. Oatmeal’s a good source of carbs with a low glycemic index value.

Healthy Skin

The road to better health might start for a lot of us because of poor health results. For some of us, however, it’s as much about confidence. One part of our body that has a big impact on our confidence is our skin. As well as all those hydrating skin treatments, it should be no surprise our diet can lead to healthier skin, as well. For one, it means avoiding the fatty foods that can clog up our pores and lead to blemish. It also means getting your share of foods like butternut squash and flaxseed oil.


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A Sharper Mind

As we’re all likely to grow older and older as the generations go on, one of the most important battles in human health is taking place in the mind. There’s still a lot of research going into what causes poor mind health as well as how our diets can help. In the meantime, it has been suggested that vitamin E is as important for the brain as it is for the rest of the body. Vitamin E can be found in places like oil based dressing, seeds and nuts. Omega-3 fatty acids, found in fish, it also known to have benefit.

Better Bones

A lot of us are going to know that dairy and other calcium sources are an important part in building strong, healthy bones. As we get older, we also want to protect them from diseases like osteoporosis. Vitamin D plays just as stronger a role in keeping our bones healthy. You don’t need to drink a pint of milk a day to take care of your bones. Other calcium rich foods can provide just what you need, such as kale, Swiss cheese or orange juice. As for vitamin D, sardines, herring and salmon can your source for that.


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As important as building muscle is being able to repair it in recovery. Just as your diet can influence that, it can also influence how good your body is at repairing things in general. One of the most important elements of bodily self-repair is amino acids. Amino acids are found in a lot of foods from watercress to Au Bon Broth. Calcium rich foods and vitamin D also play an important part of this process. No doubt you’ve begun to notice that a lot of the same vitamins play a big role in different parts of your body.

Fighting off Sickness

Good food isn’t just about making your body stronger, either. It can even help make it more resistant. When you’re about resistance from sickness, you need to think about the gut. It has commonly been said that all illness starts in the gut and that’s not untrue. We need to eliminate waste effectively or else it can lead to sickness. This is why probiotic foods need to be part of your diet. You need a strong, working digestion. Foods that can help you attain that include high fiber foods like bananas, mushrooms and onions.


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The Heart

Naturally, we all know that the heart is at the center of the whole thing. It’s what keeps us alive by making sure blood and oxygen get what they need. It’s also one of the parts of us most susceptible to fatal injury. Heart healthy foods are those that help us avoid heart disease. For example, yogurt, a probiotic, lowers that risk. It does this through fighting gum disease, which is often linked to heart disease. There are also things like whole grains. These contain antioxidants which are protective against coronary disease. They also help the body convert and get rid of cholesterol.

The Liver

We’ve already mentioned how important it is that we’re able to get rid of the waste in our body. Gut health isn’t the only factor in ensuring this. Our liver is the other side of that coin. Mistreating your liver can lead to high blood pressure, obesity and allergies, amongst other problems. It only takes a small measure of compounds like allicin and selenium, present in foods like garlic, to help in liver cleansing. Of course, plenty of water is also needed to help filter out all the toxins that the liver fights to expel.


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Avoiding too much Processed Food

It’s not just the ingredients in a food that matter towards good health. It’s also about how we get them together. For example, it might be easy to rely on processed and convenient foods. However, in doing so, you’re dealing with a lot of additives and preservatives. This usually means an increase in salts and trans fats, too. Where possible, try to rely more on whole food ingredients. If the expense is a concern, then plan in advance with your meals and buy ingredients you can use in more than one. Planning is a lot less expensive than buying day-by-day.

Hopefully, this article has given you another way to look at building a balanced diet. No doubt you recognize the importance of all the factors mentioned above.