Healthy Eating Choices for When you’re Out and About

When you’re out and about it’s easy to fall into the trap of overeating, or eating something you shouldn’t. It always feels like the only items on the menu at the cafe are full of sugar or fat. However, it is easier than you think to find the items that won’t harm your diet, and certainly won’t harm your health.

The trick is to look for fresh food ingredients. Every meal should contain two portions of fruit or veg. That way you can work your way toward getting all the nutrition you need from your food.

Cafes often sell cakes and biscuits with their coffees. Even the coffees can be full of sugary syrups and cream. Black coffee or skinny coffees have very few calories. If you can add a flapjack or oat and fruit bar to your order, you could be working your way to your first portion.

Now check the fridge. Chances are there are some fresh bananas or apples there. These are great alternatives to that 800 calorie slice of cake!

When you’re busy shopping, you can suddenly find you are very thirsty. Instead of grabbing a soda at the vending machine, why not head to your nearest juice bar? Many juice bars like Juice Crafters offer blends that can help to boost your immune system or even offer a detox. Best of all, they are packed full of fruit to help you feel full.

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If you’re heading to a deli for lunch, there are some easy ways to cut down the fat and calories from your sandwich. Choose leaner meats like chicken or turkey if you can. Then stuff it full of salad, or even order a salad on the side. This will give you at least a couple of your daily veggie portions.

Next, choose a relish, or avocado based sauce, rather than a cheesy or buttery one. This is not only more nutritionally beneficial but reduces the calories significantly.

For a delicious meal out anywhere, opt for a salad. Not only is it lighter in calories, but it will ensure you are getting plenty of vegetables. Even places like McDonalds offer salad dishes, so you have no excuses for eating something unhealthy. There are times when a burger is fine, but try to pick a grilled burger rather than a fried one, and pack the bun with veggie goodness.

Eating healthily on the move doesn’t need to be challenging. Even the strictest of diets can be enjoyed while you are out and about. Why not pack a picnic containing all your favorite healthy treats?

Fresh fruits, salads, and even veggie topped pizza slices make a lovely meal on the go. Perhaps you can pack some dried fruits and nuts, and then wash it all down with a takeaway juice from the juice bar? Delicious.

Don’t panic if you’re out with friends and they suddenly drag you into a cafe or restaurant. There are always healthier options you can choose. It’s about having the strength to decline all those tempting treats lined up on the counter!

If you are struggling to say no, why not share a slice with your friend? That cuts the calories in half. Sometimes a little treat can go a long way. Enjoy in moderation.