Find the Best Food Deals in Your City with These Easy Tricks

Anyone who loves eating out will know that it can drain your bank account. As much as you love going to your favorite deli for lunch or booking a restaurant for dinner, it’s much more expensive than making your food at home. But even though you can cook yourself a pretty good meal, it’s just not the same as eating out at the latest eatery or getting a table at the prestigious restaurant across town. Even just going to your nearest fast food restaurant or drive-in can be better than cooking at home when you’re running low on energy. But if you want to eat out for cheap, you can do it by searching for amazing deals in your city. Use these top tips to seek out rock bottom prices at your favorite bars, restaurants, cafes and eateries around town.

Look for Vouchers and Deals Online

Everyone uses vouchers to help them eat out on the cheap, as well as do a huge range of other things. Except now, instead of clipping coupons from newspapers, you can go online and search for lots of different deals at your favorite restaurants. Or you can take a chance and try somewhere new, with less risk because you’re not spending as much. Use sites like Groupon, where you’ll find plenty of deals for restaurants near you. You can also go straight to the source by looking at a restaurant’s website to see if they’re advertising any deals.

Sign Up for Mailing Lists

When you’re on a restaurant’s website, check to see if they have somewhere you can sign up to their mailing list. Businesses love to reach their customers any way that they can, and they’ll let you know about their latest news through email. You could be the first to receive the newest deals and vouchers so you can get in there before anyone else does.

Visit during Regular Happy Hours

Lots of smaller places to eat, especially bars, cafes and fast food restaurants, have regular happy hours with reduced prices. If you go at the right time, you could get discounts, two-for-one offers, and even free snacks. There are a few ways to find out whether somewhere has a happy hour or not, including online. I came across a post on that tells you when Sonic has offers on things like soda, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. As well as searching online, you can check when you go into an establishment; they usually advertise their happy hour inside.

Use a Reward Scheme or Discount Card

Another excellent way to save on eating out is to get a discount card or use a reward scheme. Discount cards are sometimes a one-off payment and sometimes based on subscription, and they allow you to get money off at any restaurants that are members of the program. You can find reward schemes online, where you can collect points when you book a table, a bit like a frequent flyers program.

You don’t have to spend all your money to eat out as often as you want. Just be clever with where are how you spend it, and you’ll get to check out everything your city has to offer.

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