Any foodie worth their salt knows that a good cut of steak can change a meal for the better. When it comes to picking your beef, the more expensive, the better. Scraggly cuts of steak simply won’t cut the mustard (which, by the way, is an excellent accompaniment for steak). The thing is, with such a wide variety of cuts of steak, it can be difficult to know which one to pick. Of course, what cut you do opt for is entirely down to personal taste but there are key, if not subtle, differences in your cut of steak that taste equally as good.

Fillet Steak:

The fillet comes from the sirloin and is incredibly tender and has no fat. This cut has a less robust flavour than other cuts, so is perfect for those who are just starting to enjoy a fine steak. Many people like to serve their fillet steak rare with a good hearty peppercorn sauce. Some more experience foodies enjoy theirs with a good blue cheese sauce, such as a stilton sauce for an accompaniment that really packs a punch.


Put simply, this is a great cut of steak. Due to the location of the sirloin on the cow, it usually comes in at a good size too. The layers of marbled fat mean that packs some mean flavour. While it is an expensive cut of steak it is certainly worth splashing out a little more on. The meat from the sirloin is very tender, if cooked properly and the meat itself is juicy due to the fat contained within it.

fillet-steakPhoto Credit: Waferboard


The T-Bone is part sirloin, part fillet and makes for a truly delicious meal. If you are something of a novice at cooking the perfect steak, then this may be a tricky one to master at home due to the separate cooking rates of the T-bone. If you don’t want to try your hand at cooking this gorgeous piece of meat at home, then try it a local steakhouse and let the professionals cook it for you.

Feather Blade:

This lesser known cut is a must for all foodies that like to test their palette. This comes from the cows shoulder blade, meaning that there are only two on every cow. While the cut itself is generally very small, do not let that put you off. It is fairly inexpensive and packs a lot of flavour. It is a must for foodies that like to tickle their taste buds with something a little different.

Rib Eye:

Rib eye steak is, in short, an exquisite cut of meat. Due to the marbled layers of fat within the cut, it makes for a true taste sensation. Rib eye is best served rare, as all good steaks should be, and is a truly flavor some piece of meat.

As with all accompaniments, they are down to individual tastes but if you are looking for inspiration, try serving your steak with fresh, rugged greens and a hearty dollop of peppercorn sauce for a scrumptious dinner.