Once a wine barrel has served its purpose of aging the wine, the barrels can be reused and recycled in several ways.

One use keeps the barrels in the beverage industry; there is a Scotch distillery that takes barrels that were used to age sherry and makes new barrels to age their own liquor. As a result, the scotch picks up some flavors from the sherry.

Another way of reusing wine barrels is to use them as elements of your home design. Most wine barrels are made of oak, but wine barrels can also be found made of chestnut, acacia, fruitwoods and stainless steel. This provides a variety of grains and colors to match your décor.

Wine Barrel Floors and Doors

Flooring can be made from different parts of the wine barrel, resulting in different effects. Stave flooring mixes short and long pieces of wood creating designs in your floor. If the wood is taken from the infusion side, it puts a rich dark color underfoot. When taken from the ends of the barrels, the floor has a unique appearance incorporating the vintner’s stamps and other markings. The same woods can be used to create matching doors.


Wine Barrel Furniture

Wine barrels can also be remade into furniture. Browse Pinterest to get inspiration. Wine storage is an obvious use, so reusing the wood to create wine racks is one possibility, either by taking the wood and building an entirely new piece of furniture or keeping the barrel shape but adding shelves to hold the wine bottles. Other wine-related uses include converting the barrel into an ice chest or adding a door and shelves to turn it into a bar storage unit. Small pieces of the wood can be used as coasters.

Other clever uses keep the barrel shape but turn it into furniture unrelated to its origin. The size and shape lends itself to being turned into a coffee table; this is easily done by cutting the barrel once either vertically or horizontally to achieve the desired height and then adding a flat surface to create the tabletop. The size of wine barrels also makes it easy to convert them into a dog or cat bed.

Wine Barrels in Your Bath

Bring the wine barrel into your bathroom and use it as a sink base. It can also serve as a laundry hamper or be cut down and wall-mounted with shelves to hold towels and other bath items.

Wine Barrels in Your Garden and Patio

Wine barrels can take the place of planters in your garden outside; HGTV provides instructions on how to convert the barrel into a container suitable for planting. Or the barrels can become fun outdoor patio furniture. Place the barrel on its side; leave ends of the barrel to become armrests and replace the top curved surface by a flat seat. Be sure to attach the barrel to wooden blocks so you don’t roll over when you sit down!

Or allow the barrel to roll slightly to create an unusual rocking chair. A barrel left standing naturally becomes an outdoor table with the recessed top helping prevent glasses from accidentally being knocked over.

Wine Barrels for Outdoor Storage

If you want to give an outdoor storage area a more stylish look, turn wine barrels on their side and use them to store your firewood. You can let the barrel be a barrel and use a wine barrel as an outdoor rain barrel. Hinging the top end converts the barrel into a garbage can.