Delicious Child Friendly Food with a Hand Blender

If you are anything like me & run a house with children then you will know how difficult it can sometimes be to make you children eat healthy foods. It seems as though all kids are interested in eating these day is fast food & candy, when it comes to dinner time & there is vegetable in their plate you start to hear to complaints. The solution I found to helping my kids eat healthy & at the same time enjoy the food they eating was to invest in a hand blender. Now I know what you are thinking, how can a simple hand blender achieve this?

Well it’s quite simple, kids like sweet foods like fruit over thing like vegetables. So all I did was ask my kids what their favourite fruits are & using the hand blender I started to blend different fruits together making delicious smoothies. Not only did they love the taste of these smoothies but they are super healthy. They can be drank at breakfast, launch time, dinner time or with a snack during the day.

So if you are having problems with your children not eating enough good healthy food, try making smoothies with a hand blender. Don’t think your restricted to just smoothies, hand blenders are a very versatile appliance, you can make all sorts of thing like milk shakes, gravy, soup, yoghurt, even bay food. When choosing your blender please avoid cheaper model as they don’t have the power for harder jobs & are prone to braking after a short time, I recommend you pay a little extra & buy from a reputable brand such as Kenwood, Philips or Braun.

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