Cooking Tonight? Check Out These Ultimate Healthy Ingredients

If it’s your turn to cook tonight and you’re looking to impress, why not try cooking a healthy meal? There are some incredible ingredients out there that are packed full of nutrition. The best thing is they are low in calories and low in fat. Cooking from scratch is something you need to commit to, but it doesn’t need to be hard work. A lot of these awesome ingredients can be found in cans. This means they can sit in your cupboard just waiting for inspiration to hit you. Perfect!

Tomatoes – These little beauties are fat-free, and give you plenty of vitamins C and A to help you feel healthy. Chopped up and packaged in cans means they are the best convenience food you can buy. Use them as bases for sauces, or slice up a fresh one for your salad.

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Carrots – For a super hit of vitamin A, the carrot is awesome. Cooked as part of a main meal, grated in a salad, or raw for a crunchy treat, the carrot hits the spot.

Eggs – For those with high cholesterol the egg may be a problem food. For everyone else, these yummy little things can add lots of protein and vitamin D to your diet. Make an omelette or quiche with two or three of these.

Rice – Rice, especially brown rice, can help you feel fuller for longer. This low-calorie carbohydrate is the base for a yummy paella. Add peas, shrimp and sweet corn with some sweet peppers for a delicious version of this classic dish.

Potatoes – Some hardcore dieters prefer to leave these veggies out of their daily meals. Sweet potatoes are packed full of the extra nutrition you may not have thought about before. They have an enormous amount of vitamin A, so they’re a handy replacement for the carrot. They also contain a modicum of fibre and only 86 calories per 100g. Mash them up and sprinkle in peas for a great side dish.

Salmon – For vitamins B6 and B12, salmon really packs a punch. This little fishy also supplies a good amount of protein. Add five tablespoons of passata and four tablespoons of double cream to some chopped tomatoes for a topping sauce. Use onion, garlic and chillies to taste. Sprinkle toasted crumbs on top for extra crunch.

Chicken – For Niacin and vitamin B6, chicken is a good option. It’s lower in fat than many other meats but is just as high in protein. Perfect for a stir-fry, roast, or pasta.

Flavor – Smoked paprika and chillies are wonderful spices to keep in your cupboard for some extra flavor. Don’t be afraid to cook with wine as the alcohol will burn off, leaving the flavor. If you buy wine online, you can usually find the right bottles for the job. Always keep some fresh garlic cloves to hand, and don’t be afraid to use leeks instead of onion for a less intense base.

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Trying to eat healthily will be a challenge we each face every day, especially when there are so many convenience foods on offer. Try to serve fruit or whole fruit smoothie with one of your meals each day too. Enjoy your healthy, home-cooked meal tonight.