Best to Take Organic Food

Organic is the term that represents food or any agricultural products that has been produced by approved methods. The approved methods are integrating cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that will foster cycling of resources and increase ecological balance. In organic food synthetic fertilizers, waste sludge from sewage, irradiations are not to be used. Organic food should meet the above standards and should certify by United States department of agriculture under national organic program. The best cooking advice can be very easily obtained from various websites. According to a chemical manufacturer the food compound that contains carbon and hydrogen bond is said to be organic food. Carbon molecule consists of large amount of gas, liquid, and solid chemical compounds in it. The organic product uses fertilizer that should not harmful for human beings. That fertilizer should be certified by the approved authority. On the other hand natural foods are the foods that grown naturally. By nature we can’t able to produce more. There is no need of adding preservative, colures and other additives for natural food. Manufactures and producers of natural foods are not required by the government. The natural and organic food differs a lot but there ultimate aim is have a healthy food to improve men power. The organic and natural foods both give good health benefits. Organic foods are very good because they are cultivated in safe manner. The natural foods also have similar benefits because it does not use chemical fertilizers. While conserving the cost factor the organic foods are costlier than natural because the expenditure is more in organic food production.