Australia is a big country but the area covering wine is precisely very small. However this fact does not make its wine production low. It occurs that all vineyards are located to the south of Australia which is known for being cold. Wine industry in Australia experiences great boom which is greatly ignited by planned irrigation.

Wine Varieties

Even though wines come from grapes it produces different varieties. There are two known types as am going to discuss below; red and white grapes.

1. Cabernet Sauvignon

This is one of the red wines largely produced in Australia. It is one of the grape varieties that has long history dating. This grape type does not do well in excessive heat region an idea that took long without realization, thereby making it difficult to find a suitable region for their growth. However best grounds were put to find conducive environment for its success. Today cabernet sauvignon is one of leading varieties in Australia. Cabernet sauvignon variety is largely produced in southern Australia.

2. Grenache

Grenache is most planted globally. It’s one of the original grape products in Australia. It shows early developing and late ripening type thus best produced in warmer zones in the Australia climate calendar. Usually, it was used to beef up wine production and primary blends. Grenache forms the gist of red wine production. Grenache produces red grape.


3. Merlot

In Australia, merlot grape variety is grown in Margaret River, Wrattonbully and Coonawarra regions. Its existence boomed lately thereby increasing its plantation in Australia. It also does well in droughty regions such us Barossa. It is one of the original varieties that exist in Australia.

4. Pinot Noir

It is one of the white wines produced in Australia. It implicates the most challenging grape variety in Australia. Its growth is a companied with lots of difficulties. It does well in cooler regions of the country. Pinot noir suggests traditional way of producing wine in Australia. Fruits such as Tasmania and Yarra bring in muscle force for best flavors and acidity.

5. Shiraz

It is also known as Syrah. Shiraz is one of the original grape varieties brought to Australia. It is grown in almost every region in Australia it brings in the best grape product that exist in the country.

Never feel guilty to order either white or red wine, statistics proves that there are a number of reasons as to why people taking wine are much healthier than those who do not For instance several benefits have been reported as below;

Prevent Tooth Decay

Want that sparkling white teeth, red wine is the answer! Millions of individual taking red wine has reported best teeth results.

Lowers Risk of Heart Disease

Red wine tannis produces procyanidins pigment fragments that protects against heart disease. Also these pigments have powerful antioxidants compounds that help reduce fat saturation in the heart.

Healthy Skin

It is evidently that red wine boosts our skin competition improving our beauty. The antioxidants in wine are very important to our body. It slows down aging therefore reducing fine lines and wrinkles.