Amazing Health Benefits of Drinking Red Wine

Red wine is enjoyed by countless people all across the globe. It’s served as an accompaniment to a delicious meal. Or, enjoyed whilst sat in the garden on a summer’s evening, watching the sun as it goes down. However you choose to enjoy this most delectable of drinks, the amazing health benefits remain the same.


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Reduces the Risk of Alzheimer’s

Alzheimer’s is an awful condition and yet sadly a disease that many of us have to live with on a daily basis. We may care for a loved one who has it. Or, perhaps we are in the early stages ourselves. There is a study that took place in Germany that suggests that red wine could help alleviate the problem. Do you like to drink two glasses of red wine come evening time? Well, research suggests it could reduce your risk of Alzheimer’s by almost a third.


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Helps to Prevent Tooth Decay

There is research to suggest that drinking a moderate amount of red wine on a regular basis could help to prevent tooth decay. Scientists in Spain recently conducted an experiment. It involved testing the effectiveness of different solutions at removing bacteria that’s known to cause damage to teeth. They found that out of everything they tested red wine proved to be the most effective at removing the bacteria. Are you looking for a surefire way to get that Hollywood smile? Then look no further than red wine. But you must always buy quality wine from a reputable supplier such as Drinking good quality wine is the only way to ensure that you reap any of the amazing health benefits.

Linked to Longevity

Red wine helps to maintain a healthy heart and can, therefore, lead to increased longevity. It also has high antioxidant content that can help to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attacks by almost half. Red wine is somewhat of a staple in the Mediterranean diet. And the Mediterranean people enjoy better health and greater longevity than those who live on a westernised diet. Could red wine be a part of their secret?


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Antidepressant Qualities

Depression is an insidious and destructive form of mental illness. It eats away at people. And can cause them a great deal of pain and upset for months or sometimes even years at a time. However, there is now research that suggests that red wine might actually help to reduce people’s risk of suffering from depression. It’s not yet entirely clear why this is, but it seems that a glass of red a day really could keep the doctor away!

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UV Protection

Red wine contains flavonoids that stops the formation of skin-harming molecules and enzymes. And so it can actually reduce the risk of sun damage, which can lead to sunburn, premature ageing and even skin cancer.

Wow, that’s pretty amazing stuff. It’s crazy to think that something so delicious and enjoyable could actually be good for you! But remember, red wine should be enjoyed in moderation, in order to benefit from any of its health-promoting properties.