Whether you are new in the world of catering, or you’ve been in the game for some time, you will have immediately realized the need for good marketing. Getting heard out there on the basis of your quality alone can be a daunting task, as other caterers will surely utilize different marketing techniques that are available. In order not to stay behind, you have to advertise your services, too. Of course, some advertising techniques are better than others, so following them should yield better results and get you in front.

Partner With Businesses Which Might Require Catering Services

Reach out to businesses in your area which might benefit from working with you. For example, you might keep in touch with local wedding planners, event managers, various bridal shops and similar personnel. Doing this will get you higher success rates, as they can incorporate your catering into their events, be they weddings, receptions, or other formal and informal events.

Aside from getting regular jobs (which will be your chance to shine), this will also benefit you by getting your name heard out there. As we will see later, a satisfied customer is one of the best advertisements that you can get.

Also, event planners love to get their hands on a quality catering service, as it leaves them free to think about other things.

Get Online

The internet is where everything is today. If something did not get posted online, then it probably didn’t happen. It is also where people get the majority of their information. So, establishing a presence there is an obvious way to get more engagements.

There are various ways to approach internet marketing, but the most probable to bring you success would be advertising over Social Media and utilizing SEO (Search Engine Optimization) services to get your business rank higher for specific search queries. If you do not wish to do this alone, as it takes some learning which you might not have time for, you can always hire people to do this for you.

Social Media Managers can be found as freelancers, but when it comes to SEO, it is always better to hire a good SEO company, as they usually have more expertise and resources available to give you an effective promotion. You can always look for SEO company reviews, to help you decide which one to hire.

Create an Engaging Menu

A catering menu is one of the best representations of what you’re doing. The menu should not be just a simple piece of paper, but instead you should strive to make it as interesting as possible. This includes decorating your menus with an intricate design.

If you have some artistic inclinations, you can always try and make the design yourself, as it will give it the most character (no one knows your business better than you), but if you lack talent for design, then you can always hire an artist to do it for you. Or, better yet, if you have a cousin or a close friend who knows these things, ask them to do it for you. They will get exposure for their work, and you will get a good design, so it’s kind of a win-win situation.

Let Your Customers Be Your Ambassadors

Word-of-mouth is probably the most effective way of advertising, as it has all it needs to persuade people to come and try what you have to offer. Just ask yourself – how many times have you asked a friend to recommend a house cleaner, a plumber, a mechanic, or a dentist, etc? You’d trust your friend’s opinion not only because you trust your friend, but also because his words are boosted by his experience. A fully satisfied customer will go around praising the experience he or she has had.

The best part about this – you don’t have to put too much extra effort into this. You just have to strive to be the best you can be (which is what you would normally do, anyway, I hope). If you want, you can help this along by giving out business cards to your clients and reminding them to help you out by recommending you to their friends. Just don’t be pushy with it, as they may be annoyed.

Marketing is key to a successful catering service. Getting your name heard and recognized will effectively create more job opportunities and increase your hire rate. The above mentioned ways are just some that are available, but have proven to be extremely effective in my case, which is why I’ve decided to recommend them to you.