5 Ways to Stay Within Your Wedding Budget

Weddings can cost a fortune, but you can have an unforgettable day without getting into debt. Couples all over Birmingham are finding ways of making their day memorable while remaining on budget and you can too. Here are five simple ways of making your money go further while ensuring you have the wedding day of your dreams.

Cutting Costs Hiring Caterers in Birmingham

Approximately half of your overall wedding budget goes to catering but there are ways of reducing these costs. Search for local caterers such as Plyvine Catering and inform them of your budget and your wish list. Consider cutting costs by avoiding a first course or serving simple breads or dipping oils instead of a full dish. You could also replace the champagne with cheaper alternatives, such as a delicious Cava, no one will notice the difference. Other options include having a buffet rather than a sit down meal or even a picnic, a trend that is taking off in Birmingham.

Head to the Jewellery Quarter

One wedding trend is to have your own, unique rings created, which is often a lot cheaper than buying a designer brand. Head to the Jewellery quarter in Birmingham as there are lots of places that provide this service for a lot less than you’ll find on the high street.

Do Your Own Make Up

Practice your own make up skills and you can cut out the cost of a make-up artist entirely. There are plenty of YouTubers who share amazing tutorials for you to practice and enhance your own skills. If you would like to indulge you can still find make-up artists on a budget. Contact the local beauty school and ask if you could hire a second or third year student, informing them that you’d be happy to be included in their portfolio of work and provide a reference.

Don’t Say the ‘W’ Word

Businesses increase costs when you mention the wedding word, they charge their premium rates. When you book anything avoid telling them you are hiring their services for the purposes of a wedding. You will need to inform a venue that you’ll be holding a wedding, but hire musicians, arrange the flowers and any other decorations without informing the company of the special occasion.

Don’t Avoid Paying Out for a Decent Photographer

One area that isn’t worth scrimping on is the photographer. You don’t want to have blurred photos or images of your guests with heads being cut out of the shot. Many brides regret paying for a budget photographer, or asking a family member to take the role, don’t be one of them. Do your research, examine portfolios and find a Birmingham photographer that creates images you love. These photos are probably going to be the most important ones you ever have taken. Shop around for a deal but don’t settle for less.