5 Reasons Why it is Important to Eat Fruit

Fruit plays a vital part in the diet of millions of people around the world, and research shows that fruit helps improve health on many levels. Fruit helps to lower the risk of certain chronic diseases, as well as provides essential nutrients and vitamins for optimum health. Here are some of the specific reasons why fruit is so important as part of a balanced diet.

1. Fruits are Low in Calories

Fruits are important for a healthy diet as they provide a whole host of nutrients with very few added calories. Most fruits are low in calories as well as low in fat and cholesterol.

2. Fruit Contains Necessary Nutrients

Fruit is full of nutrients that may be hard to find from other sources, including nutrients like potassium, folate, and vitamin C. Potassium in particular is a useful nutrient as it helps to lower blood pressure and keep it at a healthy level. Good sources of potassium from fruit include bananas, melon, orange juice, and dried fruits.

3. Fruit Has Plenty of Fibre

Fibre is an essential nutrient for the healthy development of many parts of the body and plays a role in important bodily functions. It is essential for proper bowel functioning, and fibre can help to prevent constipation from occurring. Fibre is also an important nutrient for helping to cut the risk of obesity, diabetes, and heart disease. Many people do not get enough fibre, and there are easy ways to increase fibre intake including increasing your intake of fruit. It is worth remembering that the best source of fibre is the whole fruit, and fruit juices therefore are not the best source of this nutrient.

4. Fruits Contain Vitamin C

As any Juice Manufacturer will tell you, fruit is an important source of vitamin C, in particular citrus fruits. Vitamin C is crucial for the growth of body tissues and wound healing. It also helps to boost the immune system.

5. Eating Fruit Can Lower the Risk of Heart Disease and Cancer

A diet rich in fruits is beneficial for helping to reduce the risk of heart disease. Many studies have shown this to be true, and it is clear that the antioxidants and nutrients in fruit are responsible for these therapeutic actions. Studies also show that fruit and vegetables help to lower the risk of cancer.

Fruit is a tasty, convenient addition to the diet for all of these health benefits, and more. Fruit can be found in the diet in many forms, from fruit juices to fruit concentrate added to other meals, to raw fruit, to dried fruit. All forms of fruit are beneficial in some way to overall health.

Image: Image courtesy of Ambro/ FreeDigitalPhotos.net