5 Online Resources to Improve Your Cooking

It’s a testament to the power of the online world that we can learn brand new skills by just reading articles and watching videos. Sure enough, whether you want to learn to tapdance or charm a snake, the Internet is there to help, in a typically random fashion.

And, if you want to become a better cook, the help is just as plentiful. But where should you be looking, and what should you be Googling? With that dinner party looming, it’s time to act fast. In no particular order, here are 5 of the best online resources to help you improve your culinary abilities.

1. Courses



The Internet is bursting with courses on everything from IT to sports, and food is no different. No matter your skill level, you can easily locate a training class that’s right for you, to teach you a vast array of culinary skills.

Many of these are free, and can be completed from the comfort of your couch. Unless your couch is rather lumpy, in which case I’d recommend an office chair. Either way, if you want professional food coaching, you don’t necessarily have to leave the house.

2. Online Video



Video is one of the best ways for companies to create digestible, shareable content, and it’s also a great learning tool. There’s just something enticing about some bouncy background music, colorful visuals and informative content. And in terms of food, it’s this engagement that can help you soak up recipe and preparation advice like a sponge.

There are dozens of different ways to get your fix, such as the Hampton Creek YouTube channel. And since YouTube has a mobile app, you can learn from anywhere in the world. Just keep an eye on that Internet allowance!

3. Forums



For the uninitiated, forums are small communities built around a particular subject. Love movies? Join a movie forum and discuss your passion with other fans. Food is no exception here either, and what’s more, you can gain tips related to your specific circumstances.

And what does that mean? If you’re a student, you can research student food tips, or if you’re a mom, you can research parenting food tips. There truly is a forum to fill every niche, and with enough searching, you’re bound to come across the advice you need.

4. Utensil Stores



If you’ve ever tried to peel a potato with a knife, you’ll know how hard it is to be a pro chef with the wrong tools. A cook is only as good as their utensils, and if you feel held back, perhaps some upgrades can be in order.

You can even find utensils for free online, but I’d give them a wash first. Elsewhere, there’s eBay for second hand stuff and stores like Apple Pie USA, so you’ve no shortage of choice.

5. Online Books



And last, but certainly not least, we have the power of a virtual library. Ever been craving an encyclopedic knowledge of all things food, but can’t be bothered going to a library? Me too. That’s why books have been taken online, allowing you to brush up on your stuff, for as long as you want and for free.

How do you improve your cooking ability? Let us know in the comments below!