5 Hot Trends for New Year’s Eve Corporate Party

Corporate party ideas can be lots of fun and vary from traditional suit and tie parties with fancy champagne and finger foods, to theme parties that are unorthodox and out of the box. Many CEOs nowadays are young people who want something different and come up with amazing ideas for their New Year’s celebrations. Below are five of the main trends for corporate parties that may be of interest to you. All of them are fun and will require varying degrees of preparations and budget spending.

Snow party ideas. This is a traditional white party that has a spin on winter wonderland and all that ice. This can be a great party where the dress code is wearing white with a bit of sparkle. This party is easy to style and the choice of dress is also obvious, where the decorations are sparkly snow on everything and disposable drinkware you buy at Partytrends.ca that looks icy and cool.

Masquerade ball. There are plenty of people out there who love masks and everything mysterious so they will love the idea of masks and long gowns for women where guys appear in elegant in suit and tie. This is a great way to have a lot of fun during the party, keep guessing who is who and also cherish amazing photos to keep the memories of that evening forever.

Costume party. This is a party where everyone comes in wearing a costume of whoever they like, from super heroes to modern celebrities. It is a lot of fun to be going around as Dracula with amazing drinks in plastic drinking glasses or find your Prince Charming on this fun New Year’s night.

Dance party. Some people just want to sip tasty drinks from their plastic cups and not worry about their fancy costumes while dancing the night away. For the dance party the best setting is a trendy club and the best entertainment is an energetic DJ who plays fun and inspiring music all night long. For this party all you need is good vibes, plenty of booze and some snacks that can be eaten fast and on the go to restore the energy for all the dancing.

Games and quests party. In the recent years, games and quests for corporate parties have become really popular. The party can have a game theme that features eating and drinking high quality alcohol from disposable glasses while also being in a game where players have to find something, solve a puzzle or go through a labyrinth. It can have prizes and different presents awarded to the winners.

Whatever party theme for the corporate event you choose make sure you plan ahead and know what to do for every guest. You should have food and drink options for everyone, from vegans to meat eaters, from booze lovers to those who don’t drink at all. Ideally, everyone has to have fun because it is New Year’s and the time of celebrations. At the same time, this should not be inappropriate in any way so that it feels like a wild frat party that has gone out of control. Security is vital and everyone should be able to come back to work without anything to regret.