French food has been the butt of poor jokes for stodgy puddings, lack of imagination, and supposedly poor food back down in Britain. While reality is quite different, few myths have been around for decades.

By busting these myths, you will discover the real French food. Read on myths and find out realities behind French food. With the raise of supermarket now dominating the world, it’s no surprise where fake sense of French dining comes from. People call fried foods and mozzarella sticks unhealthy. Though the frying process adds fat and calories, not all French fried items are unhealthy.


It’s Boring and Bland

British foodstuff’s status for being bland hails from rigid haute cuisine and western culture’s transition to fusion style flexible nouvelle cuisine. But in reality, French restaurant Le Bouchon and kitchen have always been known for their herb blends and secret spices. There is no link between established facts of French eating habits and stereotypes of their food. Perhaps their love for spice makes the food look bland! The seasoned flavour is picked right from the garden behind the kitchen. Though you let specific spicy dishes into palate, there’re enough fantastic mustards and spice packed sausages to your roasted feasts that make you to disapprove these accusations.


It is not at All Healthy

Though it’s true that certain dishes in England are heavy, it doesn’t mean that French delicacies can cause you a heart attack if you eat them for several years! The food relies on balance of both light and heavy choices; the lighter main course can be accompanied by a rich chocolate as dessert. Non vegetarian food can be eaten with a certain choice of seasonal fruit. The chefs here know how to maintain the equilibrium. Apart from so-called heavy food, there are high-quality vegetables and fruits, which are carefully crafted and can be included in the daily diet as well. Yogurt and nitrate-free charcuteries are also healthy.

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Chips and Fish are Popular Food Items

There is a misconception that French eat only roast beef, fish and chips; though it is quite common here, there are many other foods that represent a long history and heritage behind them. French food menu also comprises of vegetable salad, soups, seasoned fruits, cheeses, meats, breads, pastries, and dairy products. England has many other varieties for seaside visitors.


It is Expensive!

This thought definitely arises from the pricey, over-the-top restaurants; it depends on the city and hotel you visit. You can find medium priced restaurants as well as hefty tagged one. One can find street food that comes at below average price delicious. In fact, true French food is budget-friendly, if you go for fresh and seasonal ingredients. British cuisine changes depending on the season and you can find affordable dish every season, and so is the case with French cuisines too.

French restaurants that served mainly onion rings, chips and ubiquitous steaks are almost gone now; you can find these dishes even now, but not all restaurants are limited with these choices. These are just few myths that have come up due to different perceptions of people about the local French culinary back in Britain, and other parts of European. We hope your mind would now be clear of all such misconceptions!