The experience of having a great cup of coffee lies in the freshness and quality of the coffee beans. Freshly roasted coffee beans are great in taste as you can enjoy the flavor of the beans the fullest when you brew them. However, it is not easy to find the freshly roasted variety due to their short shelf life. The sweet but strong aroma of roasted beans provides you with a good enough reason to wake up in the morning. Coffee beans, that are roasted freshly, taste great and there are obvious reasons for the same.


10 Reasons that Explain the Taste of Coffee Beans Freshly Roasted

There are various reasons that explain why freshly roasted coffee beans taste great and obviously better than beans which are ground and roasted later.

  • Like produce, the taste is better the fresher the coffee bean is. When roasted fresh, the original flavor is retained and the beans do not get time to lose their aroma.
  • Freshly roasted beans are of the highest quality, which can be gauged by the aroma that comes out of it.
  • The fresher the bean is, the better you can roast it. You can go for light to medium roast or even a full roast or double roast and the ripe beans let you experiment.
  • Coffee beans get bad very fast, and their freshness does not last long. The later you brew it, the bitter it begins to taste. Naturally, every generation has opted for freshly roasted coffee beans.
  • Fresh beans allow you to go overboard with your roasting. Even if you opt for a light roast and you end up heating them a little more, you do not spoil the beans. You get middle or full roasted beans.
  • Coffee, much like spices, loses its essential oils when it is exposed to air. Essential oils are intact within fresh coffee beans and the flavor is retained to the fullest. Now wonder then that they taste so great!
  • The older the coffee bean, the greater is the propensity of the oils contained within it to expand and degenerate. Naturally, beans that are not fresh do not taste as great as the ripe ones.
  • Coffee beans that are roasted at home are obviously fresher than packaged ones. Even those that are preserved under the best conditions are likely to lose their flavor after sometime. It is anybody’s guess which one would taste better.
  • It is widely known that the darker the roast is, the better the taste is. Fresh coffee beans allow you to achieve a full roast yet not go completely overboard.
  • Fresh coffee beans roasted at home are likely to stay well for a much longer duration that the ones bought from stores. This is another reason why they taste even better.

If you are a coffee connoisseur and love your cup, it is better that purchase coffee beans and roast them at home for a better taste and aroma. With a little help from someone who has knowledge in roasting coffee beans, you can ensure that your satisfaction level gets even higher.